The Boy Wonder Zane


Text und Musik: Mark, 2017

Irgendwann kommt vielleicht doch noch einmal der eine Superheld, der für die gesamte Menschheit einsteht. Einer der nicht von wirtschaftlichen Interessen, von Nationalstolz oder Rachegedanken getrieben wird. Das müßte dann schon so einer wie Zane sein...



The pounding of it‘s feet
Shook the ground
The flapping of its wings 
Made no sound

It came for me
In my dreams
A purple dinosaur
Had its sight on me…

I was only 12 not yet well trained
I grabbed the first thing within my range
A toy crossbow and a lego piece
I shot it true, it struck the beast
I flew under my bed
I found ring
Placed it on my finger and I started to change
Grew six feet, muscles came
This is true
Remember this day
The day I became
The Boy Wonder Zane!

CHORUS: I fly higher than mountains
Dive the deep blue seas
Looking for bastards
Looking for thieves
I‘m not for sale, I can't be bought
I‘m the Boy of the people

Like it our not!

Im still only 12, but so well trained
I‘ve traveled the mountains
Through the purple range
Conquered alien invasions and
Nuclear brains
4 headed monsters, gerbils, chickens and cranes

Got fists of iron
Legs of springs
Arms of stone
I‘m not god made
Put a stop to the sadness
A stop to the pain
I cruise through the night and let justice reign

I‘ll still keep flying
oh so high
Red fluffy shirt and spandex tights
Tools of justice on my belt so tight
Im the Wonder Boy Zane

You can sleep safe tonight