Rebellion in Heaven


Musik und Text: Mark, 2017.


And there they sat 
Looking down full of fear
Hand in hand
Contemplating a plan so near


They joined in secret
Sharing stories of pain and grief
How could it be
Was this his plan from the beginning

There was a few
Afraid to confront him, afraid to speak
They stood in solidarity 
They spoke and told what they had learned
How easy it could be

To take responsibility 

How dare you stand before me
Who in the hell do you think you are
They do what They will They do what They want
This was my plan from the start

A plan was formed and
Quietly they changed his game
More than just meddling 
Reconstructing DNA

No more illness, no more pain
Hate was a legend no more the same
War was gone, love took its place

What the hell have you done
How dare you think you know them
They are mine, I am the one
They got flowers in their hair
Their Free will is gone
Let them die, let them kill, let them carry on
See the children dying, watch the seas rise
I gave it to them, they tore it apart
They think like you, they think they are wise

They sat there
Pondering what they had done
Watching it all start again
A burning scorching sun

He showed them no mercy
He gave them no sign
Left to their own device